Conservancy District

The Reno Beach/Howard Farms Conservancy District encompasses approximately 2,100 acres of land located on the south shore of Lake Erie, approximately fifteen miles east of Toledo, Ohio. The boundaries of the District extend between the mouth of Cooley Creek on the west and Wards canal on the east with a lake frontage of approximately 15,400 feet.

The original flood control works were constructed by local interest beginning in 1902 and extending to 1943. Governmental assistance was provided in 1973 when the Corps of Engineers launched a large-scale effort to provide protection against flooding along the shore. A permanent Dike was constructed in 1993. The dike was designed to be a permanent dike, it requires continued inspection and maintenance. By order of the Lucas County Court, the two Conservancy Districts were united in 1993.

The Conservancy District exercises sole responsibility for the inspection and maintenance of the dike and other flood control device. The Board of Directors consists of three members, appointed by the Judges of the Lucas County Courts. Their terms are 5 years.
The Directors are Richard F. Hozak, 419-836-1210. Prakash Thombre, 419-836-6300 and Christine Fleitz, 419-836-8206. Joyce Schmitz is Secretary/ Treasurer, Office# 419-836-2225. The Regular meetings are held 6 times a year. The Second Monday of the Month in the Township Hall. January, March, May, July, September, and November

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