2014 Spring Brush Chipping

Jerusalem Twp. Roads Department will conduct a Spring Brush Pickup resulting from routine yard maintenance or Tree trimming done by the homeowner. The program is NOT intended as a means for homeowners to dispose of entire trees.

Brush needs to be placed at the edge of the roadway by 7 am on Monday, April 28th, 2014.


Each home may put ONLY ONE pile of brush no longer than 3 ft. tall and 15 ft. long. Brush should be neatly stacked with cut ends facing toward the road. Brush that is piled in a tangled mess severely reduces the crew’s ability to complete its scheduled route and it WILL NOT BE PICKED UP. The largest branches should not exceed 4 inches in diameter. DO NOT TIE OR BUNDLE.

Small clippings, hedge trimmings, and twigs will NOT be placed in the chipper. They should be put in garbage bags and put out for garbage. DO NOT mix sod, solid waste, concrete, metal, or other building materials with brush. No bushes or trees with thorns will be taken as it will damage the wood chipper used to grind brush. Plastic bags are also prohibited due to the damage it can cause the chipper.

The Township reserves the right to refuse pickup for those properties not complying with the above guidelines. When the guidelines are not met, the resident/property owner is responsible for removal.

Unlimited Garbage Pick-up

May 10th, 2014