John Kasich at Maumee Bay State Park to Sign Water Bill

On Wednesday, April 1st, Ohio Governor John Kasich visited Maumee Bay State Park to sign the Lake Erie Clean Water Bill. The bill, which will go into effect 90 days after its signing, restricts the usage of fertilizer and other agents near water or snow and introduces new regulations for water treatment facilities, among other provisions. Its goal is to keep Lake Erie clean, and the water it contains fully usable, for a great many years to come. After he signed the bill into law, Governor Kasich had lunch with his staff at the Maumee Bay General Store. There he was joined by Jerusalem Township Trustee Joe Kiss. Joe, who is currently serving his second term as a trustee, is the owner of the General Store, as well as the two restaurants within. A longtime believer in governmental transparency , Joe was proud to have had the opportunity to spend time with Governor Kasich on this very special occasion.