Jerusalem Township has one cemetery within the township lines which is named Oakwood Cemetery.  It is located on Brown Road between Decant and Cousino on the North side of the road. This cemetery was established in 1912.  There have been ongoing improvements and a new sign is under construction for the entrance.  If you would like further information, you can contact any of the office

2018 Cemetery Fees

  • Township Resident (per grave)  $200.00
  • Non-Resident (per grave)  $850.00
  • Burial (8am to 3 pm) *   $500.00
  • Burial (Scheduled prior to 3 pm but extending past 3 pm)  $100.00 per hour
  • Burial (Saturday) +  $650.00
  • Burial (Sunday and Holiday / Holiday Weekend) $1,200.00
  • Burial of stillborn or infant (less than one-year-old) $200.00
  • Cremation Burial $200.00
  • Cremation Burial (Saturday) + $350.00
  • Cremation Burial (Sunday and Holiday / Holiday Weekend) $550.00
  • Disinterment $1,200.00
  • Disinterment and Reburial $1,500.00
  • Foundation $40.00 per square foot

* No burials can be scheduled after 3 pm

+ No burials can be scheduled after Noon

Holidays include: New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day, MLK Jr. Day, Presidents Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day