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Real Estate Opportunities

The properties listed are available for purchase. As the procedure indicates, interested parties should submit a sealed offer in writing, addressed as specified. Sealed offers will be gathered throughout July 1st – September 30th 2023. Following the close of the third quarter of 2023, all sealed offers will be opened in a public meeting and considered by the Jerusalem Township Trustees.

Sale of Properties From Lucas County Land Bank

Jerusalem Township Trustees will periodically be offered properties from the Lucas County Land Bank which are cleared of all back taxes (except for special assessments).

Jerusalem Township Government receives an exemption from regular property taxes for the next calendar year after accepting properties from the Lucas County Land Bank. If the property is not sold/transferred to a private owner within the following year, the Fiscal Officer will reapply to the Lucas County Auditor for an additional year of tax exemption.

After the Trustees have accepted the properties from the Land Bank, the properties will be listed (free of charge) on the following sites:

Postings will include the following information:

  • Address
  • Parcel #
  • Approximate Size of parcel (information deemed to be reliable as it was obtained from public sources however, buyer should do their own due diligence)
  • The period of time during which interested parties may submit offers for consideration
  • Improvements/Amenities (sewer or septic field, city water or well, natural gas)
  • Zoning designation
  • Buildable lot? (If the lot is NOT buildable, preference is generally given to adjoining property owners who could combine the purchased lot(s) into their own lot
  • Buyer agrees to pay all fees associated with the property transfer
  • Buyer acknowledges that the property is being sold “as is” as of the date of the transfer.

Interested parties are invited to submit an offer in writing. The envelope containing the offer must be sealed and addressed to:

Offer on Parcel# _______
Jerusalem Township Trustees
9501 Jerusalem Road
Curtice, Ohio 43412

All sealed offers will be held until scheduled to be opened at a public meeting. After opening of offers received, Trustees will go into executive session to discuss. After returning to regular session, Trustees will decide whether to accept, counter, or reject the offer(s) received.

Offer to Purchase Property Form


AddressParcel #SizeImprovements/AmenitiesZoning DesignationPrice
349 Preston Drive33662942,800No water, no sewerR-1$400.00
333 Preston Drive33663212,800No water, no sewerR-1$500.00
432 West33667446,800No water, no sewerR-1$900.00
413 North336682713,700Well water, city sewerR-1$1,200.00
450 Club House Blvd336912720,000No water, city sewerR-1$24,100.00
433 Lakemore Rd33694414,000No water, no sewerR-1$800.00
506 Lakemore Rd33695414,000No water, city sewerR-1$600.00
478 Waterway Rd33697974,000No water, city sewerR-1$1,100.00
502 Pavilion33700518,000No water, city sewerR-1$1,500.00
128 Reubens St33767313,500No water, no sewerR-1$1,000.00
810 Water St337723154,400No water, city sewerR-1$16,000.00
12338 La Fontaine33649617500No water, city sewerR-11400
12332 La Fontaine33649647500No water, city sewerR-11400
11851 Corduroy336683413,700No water, city sewerR-11600

R-1 Residential, single family
C-2 General Commercial