Our Story

Jerusalem Township’s story begins in 1893 and is set in the northwest portion of Ohio where parts of the Great Black Swamp still exist today on the shores of Lake Erie and Maumee Bay. The Great Black Swamp was first settled in 1860 and is known for its dark, rich soil, dense forests, migratory birds, and wide variety of plants, butterflies and wildlife. The area offers some of the finest outdoor recreational activities in Ohio.

Visitors to the area can experience diverse coastal environments including some of the best Black Swamp marshes in NW Ohio.  Jerusalem Township is considered by some to be the Warbler Capital of the World. The area is also considered to be the Walleye Capital of the World  and is teaming with walleye, perch and small-mouth bass. If you are a birdwatcher, fisherman or hunter, this area provides migration, resting and feeding places for birds, wildlife and fish. There are walking, biking and hiking trails for your enjoyment. Our township is a wonderful place for clean family fun.