911 Consolidation

The Board of Lucas County Commissioners has proposed to merge all Regional 911 Operations into a single Consolidated Operation.


The Commissioners and their Director of Public Safety, Matt Heyrman claim that a consolidated operation will yield economies of scale that would result in an operating savings of 33%. Each jurisdiction would be expected to pay its share of the operating costs based on % of incidents.

Jerusalem currently pays approximately $12,000 annually to Oregon for Fire Dispatch Services. Non-emergency dispatch costs are not currently charged back to our Township by the Lucas County Sheriff Department.

Under the proposed Consolidated 911 Dispatch plan, Jerusalem Township’s share of the cost (with the 33% consolidation savings) would be $31,265.52—a cost increase of almost $20,000 per year. The cost increase would be temporarily subsidized by the Lucas County Commissioners (out of the anticipated economy of scale savings) and phased in over three years with the full cost occurring in 2023.

If the Jurisdictions achieve a majority vote to defeat the proposed 911 consolidation, the County Commissioners have the authority to charge the full cost (with NO economy of scale savings) of non-emergency Sheriff Dispatch services back to each jurisdiction. If this were to occur, Jerusalem Township would be expected to bear its full cost of dispatch services totaling $46,868.95 annually—a cost increase of almost $35,000 per year.

In order to determine whether the Merged and Consolidated 911 Operations proposal is to be approved and implemented, a temporary five-member Board will be established consisting of:

  • President of the Board of County Commissioners (Pete Gerkin)
  • CEO of the largest municipality (City of Toledo)
  • Member of largest Board of Township Trustees (Sylvania Township)
  • Member of a Board of Township Trustees selected by all other Townships (Andy Glenn of Springfield Township)
  • CEO of a municipal corporation selected by majority of municipal corporations (TBD)

This temporary five-member board is expected to be appointed and convened for the vote around September – October, 2019. If approved, full consolidation will be achieved in approximately 12 months.