Coyotes in your Neighboorhood


Coyotes are present in all 88 counties in Ohio. If you see a coyote on your property, the first thing to do is remove all “attractants” in order to discourage the coyote from returning. Secure your garbage or store your cans in the garage. Do not leave any pet food outside overnight. Clean up any food morsels after using your grill. Never feed coyotes directly. Keep small pets inside or on a short leash if outside.

Coyotes may be curious and watch you. Noise should discourage them and get them to move on. If not, throwing rocks in their direction will help. If these techniques are not effective, you may choose to contact a trapper or hunter. Coyotes are classified as small game furbearers and are always in season. If you are hunting on property other than your own, you will need a hunting license. If you or your immediate family members are hunting on your own land, no license is required.


Coyote Card: