Jerusalem Township Dike System Update 9-17-2019

Dear Jerusalem Township residents,

Hopefully, you read my last update on the Jerusalem Township Dike System that was posted on the Township Web Site. If not, here is the link for your convenience: That update also includes a link to the full 47-slide PowerPoint presentation prepared by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

I just spoke with the US Army Corps of Engineers about the full report that was expected by mid-September. This full report is important because it will list any specific dike locations that the Corps of Engineers considers “at risk.” As soon as we have these locations, we (the Trustees) will begin working with the Conservancy, the Howard Marsh MetroPark, and private property owners (as applicable) to reduce the risk.

The US Army Corps of Engineers responded that the full report is not yet ready for us. As time is of the essence, I asked if the US Army Corps of Engineers could provide us with some preliminary information on the locations of the potential risk areas. They responded that they believe they can do this and will share preliminary risk locations in advance of the detailed report. We expect to hear more about these risk locations around September 26.

The US Army Corps of Engineers also indicated that they were contacted by the office of Marcy Kaptur, our U.S. Congressional Representative. They explained that Representative Kaptur’s office asked that the US Army Corps of Engineers give all available assistance to the Trustees and community of Jerusalem Township.

In the meantime, the Trustees are working on a general Emergency Action Plan (EAP). This EAP addresses how residents will be notified in the event of a dike emergency, what actions will be taken, which Township residents and businesses will pitch in with their equipment and resources, and what emergency supplies (sandbags, etc) we will have prepared and staged.
We will continue to update you as more information is available. In the meantime, please feel free to contact any of your Trustees if you have questions. Our contact information is available on the Township web site.


Mark Sattler