Jerusalem Township Dike Update 10/30/2019

Dear Jerusalem Township Residents,

Over the past year, your Township Trustees have been working on addressing potential weaknesses in our Dike System. The Army Corps Of Engineers indicated that the area of greatest concern is on Ward’s Canal between the Route 2 – Howard Road intersection to where it extends to Lake Erie. Most of this area is contained within the new Howard Marsh MetroPark. We worked with the MetroPark Board of Directors to request that they erect a “Spur Dike” to connect the legacy dike at Route 2 & Howard with the nearest point of the new Dike in Howard Marsh containing the re-created marshland. This connection would ensure that if there were a dike failure in this stretch, any flooding would be contained by the Spur Dike and the Howard Marsh wetlands dike, thereby protecting our residents and their property.

Here is the link to the October 2 Blade article announcing that the MetroPark had awarded the contract to construct the requested spur dike:

That project has begun and is expected to be completed before the end of November.

Thank you for your support as your Trustees continue to work on issues to improve and protect our Township Residents and their property.


Mark Sattler
Trustee, Jerusalem Township