Notice Regarding: Pending Levee Inspection And Survey Work

April 12, 2023

Dear Property Owner/Resident:

Jerusalem Township (the Township), in coordination with the Reno Beach Howard Farms Conservancy District (RBHFCD), is currently undertaking an initiative to assess the status of the levee system so that each entity may effectively and efficiently prioritize maintenance needs for the segments that fall under their respective jurisdictions. This work is being funded through the Ohio Lake Erie Commission’s Coastal & Shoreline Resiliency Grant. Please note that this project is entirely grant-funded and that no Jerusalem Township taxpayer dollars are being expended. The first step in this process is to inspect and evaluate the current conditions of the levee system and associated facilities and infrastructure.

Physical inspections will be performed by a private surveying and engineering firm on behalf of the Township and RBHFCD. Crews will require physical access to the embankment area to visually inspect the levee, document current conditions and items of concern, and take photographs. No digging, soil disturbances, or other physical work will be done at this time and crews will make every reasonable effort to minimize any inconvenience these inspections may cause.
When physical access to or across your property is required, reasonable efforts will be made to alert you before entering the property. You don’t need to be home at the time of the inspection. However, if they are unable to access the property without your assistance, alternate arrangements will need to be made.
Physical inspections are expected to commence within the next four weeks. Crews will carry a copy of this notice and proper identification for your review and inspection.

Should you have any questions or comments about anything contained in this notice, or if you know in advance that special arrangements will need to be made for access to the embankment on your property, please contact Mark Sattler, Jerusalem Township Trustee at or call (419) 836-8921 voice mail option 1.