Sewage Treatment Systems Survey: Curtice and Williston Areas

The Toledo-Lucas County Health Department in conjunction with the Lucas County Sanitary Engineers Of?ice, Ottawa County Health Department and the Ottawa County Engineers Of?ice are conducting a survey of the sewage treatment systems servicing the Curtice and Williston area. The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency has issued Director’s Final Findings and Orders to Ottawa and Lucas Counties regarding documented water quality violations from samples collected from several watersheds within the region. Due to complaints received by the Ohio EPA regarding noxious odors, discolored water along with the results from water samples conducted by the Ohio EPA, “Final Findings and Orders” has been issued. The “Final Findings and Orders” issued by the Ohio EPA requires a current sewage treatment system survey of the Curtice and Williston Area.

In order to eliminate any possible illicit discharge and ensure all septic systems are functioning properly, the Toledo-Lucas County Health Department will be conducting inspections, dye tests if necessary and possible ef?luent sampling of household and business septic systems in the area. There is no cost to you for the inspection and should only take approximately thirty minutes of your time. Properties which fail to allow an inspection of the sewage treatment system will be identi?ied as a “failed sewage treatment system” since the sewage treatment systems function cannot be veri?ied.

Please contact this of?ice before April 25, 2022 to schedule an inspection and/or dye test at the above referenced property.

Thank you for your cooperation and helping to maintain healthy waterways within your community.

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