What’s New with the Recreation Department

So far, it has been a busy spring.  Along with the teams practicing and utilizing the fields, we have had 12 trees planted.  The trees are a combination of Maples, Lindens and crabapples.  They outline the walkway from the parking lot to the fields and they look great.  They add some definition to the park and are a very welcomed and needed improvement.

On another note, we have been working on getting bids to put in the first section of a walking path.  The goal is the eventually have a walking path around the whole facility.  But for now, we will install the first phase.

We have also been working with the Oregon City Schools to connect our parking lot to the school’s parking lot.  This will be done with another walking path.  This allows the school the use our parking lot for overflow parking.  Visitors to school on the busy days can park on our lot and walk to the school.  We are excited to get this project completed hopefully this summer.